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  Review by Annelie Beuing

So far I have read quite a few versions of the Tao Te Ching and none of them was "bad." And so I compared Derek Lin's version to a jewel at first. But then I thought, no - a jewel is sparkling and reflecting the light from all its facets; and this image doesn't catch the atmosphere of Derek's and Lao Tze's words.

No. I'd much rather think of this version as of a shining pearl, perfectly round, unobtrusive...and yet of exquisite beauty and noblesse.

In a spellbinding rhythm and choice of words, Derek Lin lets us experience the spirit of Lao Tze, and while reading, we slip away from the hassles of this loud world into the shrine of our inner worlds: our spiritual center.

And when I stopped to think: what was meant with this? - an annotation seemed to have anticipated my question.

What I especially appreciate is that Derek Lin's Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained is a very close translation instead of an interpretation, which may have been filtered through our western awareness and so may lose some of the uniqueness of Lao Tze.

A wonderful pearl indeed...!

Ms. Annelie Beuing is a healing arts practitioner and an avid student of spiritual philosophy in Bavaria, Germany.


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