The Tao of Success
The Five Ancient Rings of Destiny

  Review by Jeroen Kloppenburg

A few days ago I got back from visiting my sifu in Hong Kong. While there I also visited Wong Tai Sin temple, a Daoist temple. Although I have been to Hong Kong a few times, I actually have never visited it before. What a brilliant oasis of peace in the middle of this busy city!

While there in the garden, I started reading Derek's latest book, The Tao of Success. I have to be honest and say I misinterpreted the title initially. I thought it was mostly about becoming successful, because it seemed to be similar to books like Tao of Marketing or Business. Of course, I was very wrong. This book has everything I like about The Tao of Daily Life, and much more! I really love the way Derek uses the stories to explain what he wants to bring across, and the added explanation that reveal the layers that are deeper into these stories.

Starting to read the first ring of spirituality in the garden of that temple was just brilliant. I spent a few hours in a most inspiring place with a most inspiring book. I feel that a new chapter in my spiritual development has begun, thank you Derek!


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