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Personal Tao vs. Personal God

The Tao is both impersonal and deeply personal.

It is impersonal because it doesn't care the way human beings do. It nurtures and destroys all things, and then moves on without a word.

At the same time, the Tao is within you because it is the ultimate principle that permeates everything in every layer of existence. Also, you are part of the Tao because your soul is part of the Oversoul, the collective consciousness of humanity. You are inseparably linked to the totality at the most fundamental level.

Therefore, we can say the Tao is deeply personal because it courses through you just as blood flows within your veins. It is deeply personal because you are forever part of it, just as you are part of your family.

The difference between this concept and the conventional notion of the personal deity is that one doesn't thank the Tao for winning a sports contest. Thanking God or Jesus for one's victory is a popular and commonly accepted practice in America, but it is not something that stands up to scrutiny. Did Jesus for some reason forsake the other team or player? Why?

From the perspective of the personal Tao, one can indeed have a connection, or relationship with the Tao, but it is not at all the same as someone claiming to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus. The Tao is an integral aspect of your being, not a separate entity outside of yourself.