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Different Labels

If we keep in mind that "Tao" is simply a label for the divine, then it makes perfect sense to say that Christians, too, pursue Tao cultivation in their own way. The word "God" is also a human-invented label. We are all using different words, descriptions, and labels to talk about the same thing.

A Tao practitioner recognizes that one particular label is not inherently better or worse than any other. Just as Tao cultivation is a positive thing, there is nothing wrong with worshipping God in the Christian way.

It can only be wrong when people become fixated on the labels they have invented, and then assert that their labels are better, or more correct, than other people's labels.

For instance, suppose three people are standing around and looking at a glass that is filled with vodka. One person says, "I call that a drink." The second person says, "I call it liquor." The third person says, "I call it alcoholic beverage."

They are all talking about the same thing, and none of them is wrong. But maybe one of them doesn't understand that, and insists: "No, you're both mistaken. My term is the only correct term."

We can see how absurd this is. There are religious people who are the same way. Only their labels are the true labels. And if you use a different label, you are wrong and bound for hell.