About Our Online Community

Would you like to connect with kindred souls who resonate with the Tao just as you do? Make friends with people who actually understand your spiritual perspectives? Participate in discussions and share your insights about the Tao? The Internet makes all this possible.

Our online community is totally free. Anyone can join regardless of personal beliefs or level of knowledge. All we ask is that you observe the following:

Online Etiquette

Our most important goal is to create a safe harbor on the Internet where people from all over the world can come together to explore the Tao in a spirit of harmony and fellowship.

In order to maintain an environment of peace, camaraderie and goodwill, we ask all who join us to honor the rule of mutual respect and common courtesy, exactly as they would in a public place.

Please be aware that those who choose to disregard the above may find their accounts suspended or banned solely at the discretion of the management, and without any prior warning.