Tao Living


by Derek Lin

I started writing the Tao Living column back in 1999 without any clear idea of what it would eventually become. If you look back to the earliest stuff, you'll see how badly I stumbled around before finding a suitable voice.

I am tempted to simply remove these early efforts to make myself look better, but have decided against it in the interest of honesty. Tao Living is a journal of my spiritual journey, one where I am constantly making new discoveries. All entries in this journal are accurate - albeit sometimes embarrassing - records of where I have been.

No doubt years from now I will look back on my thoughts today and cringe in the exact same manner I cringe now when I look into the past. I realize, more than ever, that the Tao is indeed a never-ending process. It is a divine path that stretches ahead of us to infinity.

Because of this, please be kind as you assess the thoughts I offer, and read everything I write with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that I may be wrong and have been wrong in the past. I possess no special expertise or experience that would make my opinions proof against mistakes.

My most important message to you is the same thing I say to everyone in person: Listen to your inner voice to decide for yourself if something works for you or makes sense to you. Your sacred intuition will always guide you in the right direction.

What we follow is the Tao, not any particular individual. All humans are fallible, no matter who they are. Thus, if your inner voice contradicts what I express, you must put your faith in it and not in me.

That said, welcome to Tao Living, and thank you for taking your valuable time to read it!