Senior Grand Master Chang Pei-Cheng

by Derek Lin

In 1947, Senior Grand Master Chang came to Taiwan from mainland China. His goal was to establish I-Kuan Tao on the island. This was a difficult mission with many obstacles, not the least of which was government oppression in the 1960s.

In his extraordinary efforts to overcome these hurdles, the Senior Grand Master took on numerous tasks. This sometimes caused him to go without sleep, even for several days at a time. Gradually, he built up the I-Kuan Tao practice as we know it today.

Senior Grand Master Chang passed away on June 20, 2010, at the age of ninety seven. He left behind the remarkable legacy of a vibrant Tao community that reaches into every level of Chinese society and all corners of the world. The members of this community, while saddened by his passing, understand that he would prefer for us to cultivate than to grieve. We honor his memory by recalling to mind his words of inspiration:

Lift up your clear bright thoughts

To illuminate your destiny

Lift up your spiritual conceptions

To transcend your life

Lift up your joyous heart

To wash away the dusts of anxiety