Class Beginning Ritual

by Derek Lin


Pronunciation chi li
English All rise


Pronunciation mien shiang fo tang
Translation Face shrine
Note If there is no shrine present, the focus of the meeting (perhaps the podium or the blackboard) serves as the shrine.


Pronunciation tsang jia san jui gong
Translation Greet shrine, bow three times
Note This gives respect to the shrine, which we consider to be the court of the divine essence.


Pronuncication yi jui gong
Translation Bow once


Pronuncication dzai jui gong
Translation Bow again


Pronunciation san jui gong
Translation Bow thrice


jia.gif (248 bytes)
Pronunciation tsang jia ge wei dien chuan shi yi jui gong
Translation Greet all masters, bow once


Pronunciation kai ban yi jui gong
Translation Class beginning, bow once


Pronunciation ching dzoh
Translation Please be seated