The Tao of Daily Life

Free Books for Prisoners

A Message From the Author

Over the years, I have seen again and again how the Tao changes lives. People who study it with an open mind and put its lessons into actual practice invariably experience profound life transformations.

This is why I want to make The Tao of Daily Life available free of charge to individuals who are incarcerated, and also to at-risk youths in juvenile detention facilities. If you know of someone in that situation who may be interested in the Tao, please contact me through the Tea House online forum.

In the past, I had some packages returned to me because many facilities had rules where an inmate must fill out a form to request the book before it could be received. If this is the case for the inmate you know, please have him or her start the paperwork right away. I can send the book as soon as the request is approved.

There are no shipping fees or handling charges. I will pay for everything. Also, please note that if you are not yourself incarcerated, I cannot send the book to you and have you pass it on to the recipient. I need the name and the present location. I will contact him or her for confirmation, and then ship the book directly to the facility.

- Derek